• FYI: Dog Meditation Is Officially A Thing!

    Dog Meditation

    What fun to be interviewed by the Dog-Eared blog & talk all about dog walk meditation! Here’s my favorite quote from the article which keeps making me laugh: “An update from the world of canine wellness news: Dog meditation is officially I thing. But before you (and your pup) roll your eyes, know that it’s […]

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  • MindBodyGreen Loves Mutt Meditation

    dog walking meditation

    Want to learn more about this here dog walking + meditation combo? Head on over to the amazing site and read our article: Why You Should Be Meditating With Your Pet! You’ll learn the answer to the million-dollar question: “how do we find time for meditation on top of all the other daily practices […]

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  • Can Meditation Quiet My Monkey Mind?

    Image via

    Science is slowly validating what ancient sages knew all along: meditation is one key to understanding the universe and our place in it—not to mention a fantastic tool for living with more calmness, clarity, and presence. With our modern brains on multitasking overdrive, and many of us juggling jobs, relationships and families (not to mention […]

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  • How to be Mindful For 5 Minutes & Transform Your Life


    It may be hard to believe, but being mindful is an utterly transformative experience. Our society encourages us to always do more, and faster—and then tomorrow, more and faster still. The problem is that most of us lack the skill to be alone and quiet for even short periods of time, always distracting ourselves by […]

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  • Want To Be Healthier, Happier & Less Stressed? Walk A Dog!


    When I adopted Max von Schnoodle four years ago, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I suffered from multiple severe allergies while growing up, including dust mites (goodbye, bedroom carpet; hello, bedroom linoleum) and cats and dogs.  Cats and dogs!  Thusly, I just never really understood what pets were really […]

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  • Meditation Q&A: What Style of Meditation is the Best?


    Welcome to Meditation Q&A! From newbies to seasoned sitters, there’s always something to learn (or re-learn) from each other here. Meditation Question of the Day: I’m confused by all the different styles of meditation – how do I know which is the best? As if it isn’t difficult enough to find time to meditate and […]

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  • Dogs Are Always in The Present Moment

    Dog Meditation Present Moment

    Lots of people talk these days about “being mindful” and “being in the present moment” – those phrases are used so often now that, if you’re not sure what they even mean, it can be easy to write them off as hippy-dippy new-agey psychobabble. If you’re new to the idea of meditation and mindfulness and […]

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  • Meditation Q&A: Do I Have To Sit In Lotus Pose?

    What's the correct posture for meditation

    Welcome to Meditation Q&A! From newbies to seasoned sitters, there’s always something to learn (or re-learn) from each other here. Meditation Question of the Day: My body isn’t flexible, so I can’t sit in lotus pose – is that necessary to meditate properly? Meditation has hit the mainstream, with images of peaceful, flexible meditators splashed across […]

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