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Hi, I’m Jenn. I don’t know about you, but even though I know how much a daily meditation practice improves my life, I still struggle to find time to meditate. At the same time, I always find time to walk my best buddy, Max!

I’ve been practicing seated meditation for about 15 years now, sitting solo or with groups and attending retreats whenever I can. The form I first learned is very solitary – no speaking, no eye contact, just you and yourself on the cushion. For hours.  It’d be an understatement to say meditation has changed my life… for me, there’s “Before Meditation” and “After Meditation,” and, well, the post-meditation me is much more chill.

In 2011 I was living in Mexico and fell in love with a rescued lil’ street mutt named Max von Schnoodle.  He and I have been best buddies ever since, traveling and walking the world side by side.

One day as we head out on our morning walk – yet another morning walk, amirite? – a question popped into my head: would it be possible to merge traditional walking meditation techniques with our daily dog walks?

Walking meditation is usually practiced without the goal of “getting anywhere” – walking in the present moment is the only aim.  In fact, it’s often taught within a quiet area devoid of obstacles and distractions.

My daily dog walks, on the other hand, take us around the busy streets of a mid-sized city where I need to navigate curbs, cars and other dogs, deal with the weather, manage my time and – most distracting and seemingly un-meditatively of all – pick up his poop!

The answer turned out to be a resounding “YES!”  Dog walking meditation (aka “Mutt Meditation”) is an amazing way to be in the present moment while attending to the needs of our furry BFFs.  It can help us feel more grounded, centered, and calm, while fitting easily into the time we already spend on our daily walks.

I’m sharing my Mutt Meditation Recording with you, for free, because I want you to feel better after your dog walks have ended.  I want you to notice the world around you, feel the air, feel your steps, and send your pup some silent rays of love.

May Mutt Meditation be of benefit to you, your dog, and the world!

– Jenn (& Max)

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