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  • This really set the tone and intention of my walk, and helped me collect my focus – Kayt

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  • Mutt Meditation made me slow down and think about more than just getting to the next task – Samantha

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  • This meditation made me more present and in the moment – Sarah

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  • What People Are Saying

    • “Listening to this audio meditation really set the tone and intention of my walk, and helped me collect my focus.”
      – Kayt

    • “I was always aware of meditation and the basics of it, but your description was a very approachable and low pressure explanation – I loved it! Most relatable explanation to date!”
      – Kayt

    • “I was more mellow when walking my dog with this meditation. My dog tends to pull and get anxious on our walks, and I noticed she was much calmer too (presumably because I was calmer).”
      – Sarah

    • “I normally listen to podcasts during my dog walk and this meditation clip made me more present and in the moment.”
      – Sarah

    • “Wonderful meditation! I love walking with Teddy, my big puppy. This is a great way to practice mindfulness and really connect with nature and my friend! Namaste.”

    • “The meditation was simple so that when my dog distracted me (with lots of barking and pulling because of the neighborhood cats), I was able to easily come back to a place of peace.”
      – Samantha M.

    • “I love this! It’s so easy to just “get it over with” on a dog walk/ this is a fantastic way to reclaim that time. And thank you for acknowledging the beautiful, loving place our furry ones have in our lives.”
      – Sara

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